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Canadian Range Hoods | Fast & Free Shipping
Canadian Range Hoods | Fast & Free Shipping

Hotte de cuisine encastrable 750 CFM 36 pouces - Victory Q5

  • Silently refresh kitchen air
  • Dependable mechanical controls
  • Easy-to-clean stainless filters

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Prix d'origine $1,199.00 CAD
Prix d'origine
$1,199.00 CAD
à partir de $1,199.00 CAD
Prix actuel $1,199.00 CAD
Choisissez la direction et la taille de votre échappement: Évent supérieur de 6 po
Choose your exhaust direction: Top exhaust
More about this item

Le Victory Q5 est livré avec des commutateurs rotatifs mécaniques, ce qui fait de cette gamme l'un de nos modèles les plus fiables. Conçu, assemblé et certifié au Canada pour un service durable et sans problème. Nous offrons une garantie pièces de 5 ans sur ce modèle.

Ce modèle peut être utilisé avec un conduit standard de 6" (600CFM) ou un conduit de 8" (750CFM) pour un fonctionnement plus silencieux et plus efficace. La direction d'évacuation de l'air est ventilée par le haut, mais nous proposons également une option de ventilation arrière pour une évacuation directe par l'arrière.

La plupart des hottes encastrables sont peu profondes et ne couvrent pas efficacement votre table de cuisson, mais nous avons conçu la Victory Q5 de 19" de profondeur pour une efficacité et une couverture efficaces sur vos brûleurs.

• Assemblé au Canada

• Souffleur en métal de 600 CFM (750 CFM avec conduit de 8 po)

• Conduit rond de 6" ou 8"

• 1 à 4,5 sones

• Évent supérieur (évent arrière en option pour l'échappement arrière)

• Commutateur rotatif mécanique à 4 vitesses

• Conception de commutateur caché

• 2 lumières LED à intensité variable

• 19" de profondeur pour une couverture efficace

• Fabriqué en acier inoxydable de calibre 19

• Filtres à chicane en acier inoxydable allant au lave-vaisselle

• Garantie pièces de 5 ans

Dishwasher-safe Baffle Filters

Quiet Operation

Industry-leader in Reliability

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All-Metal Impeller with LIFETIME Warranty

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Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Filters

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Fully Mechanical

Fully Mechanical

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Bright LED Lighting

Bright LED Lighting

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Acier inoxydable


750 PCM et 600 PCM

CFM Rating

4 vitesses

Mechanical Controls

Lumières à intensité variable

with Bright LED Bulbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joseph Meyler
Very impressed!

Bought two of these for kitchen design, and really Impressed. Both ordering and pick up were very easy, and performance to date has been fantastic!!

Our contractor had no issues with install, and the look is great!

Not sure what else to say: compared to other built ins, these seem to be just as good!!

Satisfied Customer
Victory Q5

Outstanding product!! We love every bit of this unit. If in the market, you will not regret this purchase. Thanks for making a very well made hood system! Love it!!!

Rashid Ghbein
Q5 is a WINNER

First off packaging was structurally sound to protect this beautiful piece during transit, well done. We’re so happy with install, laid flush just as we expected and our cabinet builder added some nice touches which you’ll see in the pics. Our builder was impressed with the unit and said install was very easy. The guts, although we haven’t tested as we aren’t moved in yet, it passed the suction paper test with ease even on the lowest setting with minimal make up air to give it. We’ll see with the test of time but so far wouldn’t hesitate recommending to others!

Ken Ritchie
Commercial Grade

We use these hood inserts in almost all of the custom hoods we install. If we have ever had an issue They send out the missing or faulty part right away. Which doesn't happen often. The only thing they need to add to this insert is a proper 8" damper. We have to source this out The 6" model has a plastic one that you need to install yourself. And the holes don't always line up that good. But it works. Also. They ship the units with a protective Blue plastic film. You better have an hour set aside to get this stuff off ! As it is on there like glue. And sometimes leaves residue behind that needs to be removed with a solvent like Acetone. Don't get me wrong. They are good solid " commercial grade " units !! Quiet , when properly vented. And the LED light upgrade matches the undercounted colour we use on our cabinets. I would recommend this product !!

Matt Cairns

Fair price. Good quality. Would purchase again.

Anthony Niro
Great product.

Excellent product and phone support. Will definitely recommend. Love dealing with a Canadian Company. Thanks.

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