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Canadian Range Hoods | Fast & Free Shipping
Canadian Range Hoods | Fast & Free Shipping

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Choosing a range hood

Choosing a range hood

There are a number of elements to consider when choosing a range hood that is right for you. This guide will cover the following topics:

  • Range Hood Sizes & Types
  • CFM Ratings & Noise Levels
  • Filter and Light Types
  • Control Types
  • BTU Ratings & Range Types
  • Duct Sizes & Proper Ducting
  • Make-Up Air Systems

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choose your width size

The width of the range hood is generally determined by the width of the stove. As a rule-of-thumb, if your stove is 30" wide, your range hood should be minimum 30" wide. For Island hoods, it is recommended to use hood 1 size larger.

30" Size

This is the most common size. Most single-family homes have 30" hoods installed.

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36" Size

Usually used over 36" ranges, but can also be used over 30" ranges for added coverage.

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42" Size

More typical with gas ranges. Powerful gas ranges require large range hoods.

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48" SIZE

This size hood can can be used over large gas stoves as well as small-medium BBQs.

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54" Size

This is a common size for BBQ hoods.

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60" Size

Often used over BBQs or in large kitchens.

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Choose your hood type

There are several types of hoods. Which type you choose will depend on your installation needs and kitchen design.

CFM & Noise levels

600 CFM is the standard for most hoods. Anything more than 600 CFM will require 8" or 10" ducting. Smaller ducts that 6" will affect noise and suction significantly.

500 - 600 CFM

The standard for most hoods. Enough suction for most basic-moderate cooking.

Max noise between 4 - 6 sones

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750 CFM

Some hoods with 8" ducts have the option of using a 750 CFM blower for more suction.

Max noise between 4 - 5 sones

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900 - 1000 CFM

These powerful blowers require 8" ducting and might require make-up air.

Max noise rating between 5 - 7

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1200 CFM+

For heavy cooking. Consult an HVAC professional regarding make-up air. For 10" ducts.

Max noise rating between 6 - 7

Shop 1200 - 2000 CFM hoods

450 CFM or Less

For basic cooking. Sometimes needed to meet certain city building codes.

Max noise rating between 4 - 5

Shop hoods under 450 CFM

Custom CFM Requests

Like a hood, but the CFM is too high? Ask us to reduce it. Most hoods can be adjusted.

Max noise rating can vary

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